Our consultants have developed an insurance broker platform as part of a collaboration between the Vienna Insurance Group and Generali Group to harmonise quote management and application processing:

  • Development of Web Frontend for Brokers
  • Database Design for Saving Quotes and Applications
  • Integration with Backend Systems for Quote Calculations
  • Integration with Crystal Reports and XML Formatting Objects for Creating Client Printouts

Although the intention was to develop a common platform, in essence each insurer's products were separate applications within the platform, as the synergies across insurance sectors like life, car and household insurance are few; this is even more so when considering competing products from different insurance groups. Nevertheless, the platorm provided much-needed harmonisation of those features which are common to all insurance quotes and applications, thus driving down costs for insurers and brokers alike.

The system was built using Lutris Enhydra and MS IIS, with an MSSQL backend. Backend systems, many in C++, were integrated with the platform's business logic using classic Java JNI.