In collaboration with Trading and Consulting 'HPC' GmbH, we developed a product for high street retail stores which comprised:

  • Establishment of System Architecture as a 3-Tier Enterprise Application
  • Database Design
  • Design and Implementation of a Reporting Engine
  • Integration with a Third-Party Stock Ordering System in Italy

The system was built using the Spring Java framework, integrated with a PostgreSQL backend using Hibernate as primary ORM. An interactive web frontend was added to enhance the user experience of exploring the retail stores using Adobe Flex, now a part of the Apache community.

Although initially a classic 3-tier Internet application, it soon became clear that the customer desired an ever more powerful reporting engine in order to analyse the performance of various areas of his stores. To that end, a number of database design enhancements were incorporated in the overall system architecture, which facilitated data mining for reporting purposes without impacting database performance for other components of the system.