Event Ticketing

Kabodler allows artists and event organisers to sell tickets, market their event and receive revenue from ticket sales via payment gateways without the overhead of their own ticketing infrastructure. It also facilitates entry control and management of the event and allows for pre-booking and point of sale ticket selling.

The Kabodler philosophy is that it should not be difficult or prohibitively expensive for organizers, either large or small, to hold events where admission is by ticket only. Kabodler allocates and generates tickets for the organizers and users can obtain them by download directly from the Kabodler site or on the door through the PoS webapp.

Mobile apps (developed for both Android and IOS) can be used by event organizers to control entry and exit from the venue, and Kabodler interfaces with pluggable payment gateways to ensure that ticket revenue is sent directly to the organizers.

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