It is a pleasure to work with David. He always keeps a cool head even in difficult project situations and has the talent to always focus on the most important parts. Apart from his great personality he is an excellent software architect. A truly rare combination.

I am looking forward to work with him again!

Gerhard Hipfinger, CEO, openForce GmbH

Günther Wieser

David was my technical and architectural contact at Thales during the project. While he focused on keeping the architecture in perfect shape and the repository clean (in both he succeeded), he still helped us to reach the common goal with pragmatic approaches when needed. Discussions were always focussed on technical arguments, and the better (=founded) arguments won (on both sides). Couldn't be any better, and I'm looking forward to work with David again. His deep knowledge and understanding of current frameworks and architectural needs is a great support to every project.

Günther Wieser, Software Architect at openForce GmbH


Calm, focused and skilled. A pleasure to work with!

Thomas Jakobi, Trading & Consulting 'HPC' GmbH


I had worked with David also at Siemens where he was one of those developers who always had a deep pride in the work he did making sure it was completed on time but also not cutting corners to make a milestone.
He carried on this good work at Hutchison where he was very quickly a valuable member of the content management development team.

Andrew Rigby, Nokia Siemens Networks